Inka believes in expanding boundaries beyond what is generally perceived as art, textile and design. We pioneer these through our collaborations with artists, illustrators and thinkers from around the world. Our collaborators are distinct, all pioneers in their realms — bringing stories, fantasy and a myriad of worlds into our design process.

Nathalie Lete

Taking inspiration from her travels, and intrigue in paintings that learn towards the art brut tradition, illustration and vintage styles of engravings. Birds and animals feature in her work, so do fairytales, folk stories and memories. Mixing media — with digital illustrations and oil paints, Nathalie’s worlds encompass a fluidity and beauty that are characteristic to her own work.

For INKA - Nathalie sifts through her universes of imagination to create Bambi, the deer who emerges on our bed linen for children. She also brings to the realm screen-printed stark indigos and bright hues of vintage in I’m your Flower.

Nathalie’s imagery is poetic, her style unique, at INKA, she brings life to our creations and extends our reach beyond expectations. Nathalie lives and works in Paris.



Valerie grew up in the middle of two cultures, in France and in Brazil, where colours, and tones intersected to inspire her design process. It is not just the meeting of two professionals or two companies, but a collaboration of human interaction. Surprising things can happen when two minds meet — it can open up new paths, introduce different colour schemes. It is both a design and human adventure.


Indu and I met by chance, and it evolved into the relationship it is today. I stopped by her booth, and I remember thinking: here is something distinctly Indian but also so well done. When she saw me, she said, are you Lale? I really like your work. And it was heartening to hear it, not just from someone who is far away from my context, but someone in the same field. We connected then over our love for detail, over creating design but also comfort. Indu is like me, she believes it's the little things that matter.

Toile de Jouy

Toile de jouy is a tribute to the prints of Jouy — a factory of prints started by a French printmaker in the 18th century. Today, INKA”s tie up is with the museum that archives these fine prints, thought of and hand-made by craftsmen. Our TDJ collection features these prints, and takes them to the canvas of bed linen, melding an art form straight of of antiquity and creating a lasting product. While fashion is fickle, INKA believes that bed-linen and home decor imbibes deep meaning, and by resurrecting the prints from the Toile De Jouy, INKA brings the beauty from history into its creations. This collaboration lends an experience of something incredible, and unseen.

History, travel and intricate artisanship all in one.