A home linen brand rooted in tradition and sentiment, INKA moves forward with the force of its sustainable, carefully crafted designs. Using narrative, and the vast abundance of colors and inspiration from the ancient block printing technique, INKA’s products are swiftly adaptable to the world we live in today.  

Indu Kapahi

Indu Kapahi is the founder of INKA, an artist and activist for the art of the block print, which is beloved to her. Indu’s journey first started in as impromptu rendezvous in the by-lanes of Jaipur, where she encountered the art of the block print, its laboriousness, its ability to capture the beauty of the world outside it. Indu’s designs are a confluence of her love for the things she sees, as well as rigorous study and detail that she has perfected through time. At INKA, a symbiotic workshop of Indu’s passions unfolds: where smooth design processes, unique color palates and a strong team come out to play. Taking clues from ancient forms of architecture, traditional block prints that may disappeared from the present, Indu moves forward with a strong sense of the past and the things it can teach. INKA, coming from the word “Inkosh” means personal space: in this, INKA shares her personal canvas and thoughts with the world.

Our Artisans

INKA boasts of a team that is small, but symbiotic in each way. Our artisans are skilled, patient creators, working in coordination to bring exquisite visions of design to life. INKA’s products are made to last: both in physicality and sentiment, and this prerogative belongs with the artisans: all of whom produce each product from scratch, slowly, sincerely within the walls of INKA’s workshops.

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The process is as important as the product, INKA believes, creating thoughtful, home linen set with beautiful patterns and characteristic color tones that are not just designs, but stories woven from history and the beauty of nature. Every season, INKA creates collections fresh with theme and precision: affordable luxury to create meaning in the corners of your home.

Block Printing

A traditional art more than 2000 years old, block printing, though beloved has begun to lose its essence and soul in India. INKA brings that back – paying close attention to the creation, carving and design of each block that it used to imprint the brand’s snug, chic home-linen. At INKA, each block printed product is done by artisans by hand, creating a world in which variations may occur, but essence stays true.  A resurge on a form both prolific and unique to the Indian subcontinent, INKA believes in the block print to define its pathos.

Screen Printing

Screen-printing has a rich legacy in the world of design – which continues even today, giving finesse and symmetry to the things that it touches. INKA makes its screens with great care, each one exclusive and thought out to specific themes thought out for its customers.